My First Defeat (and what I learned from the experience)

My first loss at trial was tough to stomach. It hurt.

Here’s what happened and what I learned. Maybe my experience will help you too.

How to Handle Client Contracts, Copyright, and Other Intellectual Property Issues


I’ll be giving a FREE 40 minute long value-packed presentation at the upcoming AgoraPulse Agency Summit (Wednesday, June 23, 2021). I truly believe these are the best tips I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing from the stage to help social media and marketing agencies protect their business and legal rights and be successful. Click here for all the details!

Because this information is crucial to your success, especially after what we’ve all experienced and been through in this crazy and tragic upside down COVID-19 world, I reached out to three friends who also happen to be top legal professionals to join me and share their expert tips on what I discuss including contracts, copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

During my presentation, you’ll get to hear from:

Pete Salsich III, Intellectual Property Attorney and Chair of the Entertainment and Media Practice Group at Capes Sokol, who answers the question: What legal proceedings, equitable relief, and damages should an agency, creator, or brand be aware of or concerned with when it comes to an alleged copyright violation and subsequent litigation?

Karima Gulick, an Intellectual Property Attorney, Patent Lawyer, Aerospace Engineer, and private pilot, shares her thoughts in response to my question: What steps should an agency or creator take to protect the copyright of the content they create?

Francesca M. Witzburg, an Intellectual Property Lawyer and Partner at Loza & Loza LLP, shares her thoughts in response to my question: What happens when someone violates your trademark. What are the consequences?

This will be good. If you run an Agency or are thinking about starting one, this is a must watch and learn presentation. Add all the other brilliant tips, approaches and ideas that will be shared during the all day Summit, and you’ll have all the knowledge, information and resources you need to position yourself for success.

The FREE AgoraPulse Agency Summit is:

One Day.
Nine Live Workshops.
18+ Breakout Sessions.
2,500+ Attendees.

I invite you to bring your team, invite your clients, and join us next Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Details and the free registration link are right here.

A big “thank you” to Mike Allton and his talented AgoraPulse team for putting on this top-notch and much needed event!

Please reach out with any questions!


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Million Dollar Entrepreneur Secrets (via Clubhouse)

The original audio conversation took place on Clubhouse and included the following. By the way, you can listen on your favorite podcast channel via these links.

1. What are the key mistakes people make?
2. What do million-dollar entrepreneurs do that others don’t?
3. Where do great ideas come from and what do we do with them?
4. What’s the framework for creating powerful and provocative content?
5. How do you create instant credibility on the web?
6. How do you become a game changer?
7. I’ve heard you say, “If you don’t take your site seriously, why should others?”
8. What is the Internet Strategic Profile and the marketing blueprint?
9. How to leverage social media effectively in our business?
10. “Creating global digital empires®” What is it?
11. What is the advice you would have given to your younger self?

Mitch Jackson, Esq.