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Mitch Jackson aka The Streaming Lawyer

Mitch Jackson is the Streaming Lawyer and when he’s not trying cases, Mitch enjoys combining law, technology and social media to help professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs use social media and live streaming to disrupt, hack and improve their practices and businesses. To put the information found at this blog into proper context, Mitch is a successful businessman who started his own law firm 30 years ago. He walks his talk when it comes to engaging on the digital platforms and is “all in” when it comes to social media, mobile livestreaming and digital.

In 2013 Mitch was recognized by his peers as one of California’s Lawyers of the Year (CLAY Award) and a 2009 Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year. His law firm website is JacksonandWilson.com (aka “MyLawyerRocks.com“) and most of his social media links can be found here. Outside the courtroom, Mitch enjoys interacting with and partnering with people from around the world who are disrupting industries and influencing change. You can join the conversation at TheShow.Live!

Social Media for Lawyers- How to Nail your Social Media Strategy

I’m impressed with Australian lawyer, Chris Hargreaves, and all that he’s doing on the digital platforms. I’m also honored that Chris reached out to chat about how lawyers can better use social media to build relationships and expand their brand.

Click here to listen to the podcast version of our conversation.

Six Reasons Why My Online Business Friends Need to Incorporate or Become an LLC in 2017

New business

Doing business online involves much more than offering a great product or service that benefits others. Running a successful business also includes concepts like maximizing profits and minimizing expenses and liabilities.

Two good ways you can do just that are to do business as a corporation or a limited liability company. Doing so may help you:

Reduce Personal Liability — these entities can shield you from liability for business debt or lawsuits against your business. They can also protect personal assets such as your home, cars, and savings.

Reduce Taxes — these entities allow you to deduct expenses that a sole-proprietorship or partnership many not allow you to do. This includes healthcare, entertainment and travel expenses.

Maximize Retirement and Pension Plans– these plans can be grown more effectively and maximized faster using these entities. Additional tax benefits are also available.

Add Credibility to Your Business– these entities show that you’re serious about your business which is now registered in your state. Factors like credibility, prestige and permanence are all byproducts of doing business as an entity.

Raise Money and Build Credit– these entities allow you more options to raise money through the sale of stock or transfer ownership via the transfer or sale of stock. You’ll also be able to establish and build a new credit profile distinct from your personal situation.

Manage Your Company– these entities allow you to use agreements that define how you will run your company and resolve disputes. Laws also control what you and other people involved in your business can and should do to run the business each day. This protects everyone involved.

Note- all 50 States now recognize the 1-Person LLC which is taxed the same as a sole-proprietorship but still retains the liability protection and permanence of a separate entity. In California, this is one of my favorite solutions for small business owners.


Jon Mitchell Jackson Orange County Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyer

Mitch Jackson is a lawyer, futurists and disrupter. Connect at mitch.social

CNN’s Kelly Wallace Joins Mitch on TheShow.live to Discuss Distracted Driving

My co-host, Jennifer Hoverstad, and I were excited to welcome Kelly Wallace to our weekly TheShow.live to discuss the dangers of distracted driving and solutions to the growing problem.

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Seth Godin and Mitch Jackson Chat About Business and Life

How do you handle fear?

Are you a purple cow?

My conversation with Seth Godin took all of us on a magical journey that covered many different topics, tips and solutions. It was so well received that within the first 48 hours the video had over 13,000 views.

Joining us during the show were New York Times Best-Selling Author, Chris Brogan, and Chapman University Professor, Niklas Myhr. Enjoy the highlights and please share if you find value in this episode.

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If You’re Into Tech, Then You’re Going To Enjoy This Week’s Two Live Video Shows!

This week on TheShow.live we have two special episodes that will dive deep into social media, AR, VR, and MR.

Cathy Hackl


On Tuesday, we’ll be chatting with AR, VR, and MR pro, Cathy Hackl, who just finished up a week in Las Vegas at #CES2017. She’ll be sharing her “Top 10” take-a-ways from the big event.

Kim Garst


On Wednesday at 4 pm ET, we have Forbes Top 10 social media Influencer, Kim Garst, joining us and sharing her thoughts about the platforms she believes we should all be focusing on in 2017 and beyond.

We’ll be live on Huzza and simultaneously stream to Facebook Live at http://TheShow.today

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