Welcome to the Streaming Lawyer!


Mitch Jackson aka The Streaming Lawyer

Mitch Jackson is an early adopter of livestreaming and has spoken at the New York, San Francisco, Los Angles Periscope Summits (Summit.live), and Social Media Day San Diego. He’s been profiled at INC.com and shared marketing tips from the stage at the 2017 Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery Event in Las Vegas to an audience of 2,000.

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Announcing My New Brand Ambassadorship with PracticePanther Legal Case Management Software

Here’s the deal. Almost daily I tell other lawyers and businesses that I consult that in today’s busy world, our two biggest business assets are time and attention. Neither business owners or their customers or clients have enough of either. This is 10X this if you’re a legal professional.

To help me manage my time, be more efficient, and give my clients the attention they expect and deserve, my entire firm is now using PracticePanther. Everyone is enjoying the experience and clients appreciate our 24/7 client portal that gives them access to documents, calendar events and much more.

As of Monday, I’m now officially a brand ambassador for the company and those of you who know me understand that I only recommend products and services that impress me and that I actually like and use.

If you’d like to learn more, get a free demo, save 50% off your first 2 months, and an additional negotiated 10% of the first year (for my peeps), then use this special link to get started practicepanther.com/mitch (if asked, use the custom code “mitch” at checkout).

PracticePanther offers a complete “no risk” 30 day full satisfaction guarantee so if you’ve been looking for that missing piece to the practice success puzzle, join us and give it a try. Also feel free to reach out with questions. PracticePanther is a very slick program 😉


Mitch Jackson enjoys combining law, social media and technology to disrupt, hack, and improve his clients’ companies, causes, and professional relationships. He’s an award-winning 2013 California “Litigation Lawyer of the Year” and 2009 “Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year.”

Crime and Fraud on Social Media (Live Video)

Fantastic live video show today on the LegalHour.live. To watch the recorded show, click here!

My co-host, Joey Vitale, and I were joined by Forbes Top 50 social media influencer and entrepreneur, Kim Garst, and together we shared stories and valuable tips to help viewers protect themselves from crime and fraud on social media.

Each week Joey and I share 36 combined years of legal and business tips on the LegalHour.live (2 pm ET). If you find this content valuable, and we know you will, then we invite you to join us each week and bring your questions and comments!


Dr. Michelle Drouin, Sexual Consent Apps, and The LegalHour.live


LegalFling promotes itself as the first #blockchain based app to request and verify explicit consent before having sex.

Is this app a good idea? Will it work in the real world?

Relationship and technology expert, Dr. Michelle Drouin, joined lawyers Joey Vitale and Mitch Jackson, on a special edition of the LegalHour.live to discuss the psychological and legal ins and outs of the new LegalFling app and to answer your questions.

Click here or on the image above to watch Monday’s show on blockchain apps, consent, sex, and technology!

“The Secrets To Marketing and Automating Your Law Practice: A Lawyers Guide To Creating Systems, Getting Clients, and Becoming A Legal Rainmaker.”

I’m honored to have written Chapter 12, “13 Ways Lawyers Can Repurpose Content on Social Media” in this new book by David M. Britton, CEO of PracticePanther. It’s titled, “The Secrets To Marketing & Automating Your Law Practice: A Lawyers Guide To Creating Systems, Getting Clients, & Becoming A Legal Rainmaker.”

While every chapter provides massive real-world value, my two favorites are by contributing friends and experts, Nicole Abboud of AbboudMedia (“Branding Bootcamp 101”) and Nick Rishwain of Experts.com (“Multi-Platform Publishing & Scheduling”).

My New Interview on “The Gen Why Lawyer” #Podcast

My new #podcast interview on one of the ABA Journal’s top-rated #podcast, “The Gen Why Lawyer” titled, “The 3 Keys to Success with Mitch Jackson”

Thank you Karima Gulick and Nicole Abboud for having me on the show!