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All week long I’ll be sharing contract law tips (offer, acceptance and consideration) via live video, to help social media companies and influencers. Check for show times, platforms (Periscope, Facebook Live, Huzza and more) and updates here and on Twitter (@MitchJackson)

July 5 (Tuesday) 1 pm ET:  Facebook Live and Periscope (“Offers and Counter Offers”)

July 6 (Wednesday) 2 pm ET:  Facebook Live and Periscope (“Acceptance”)

July 7 (Thursday) 2 pm ET:  Facebook Live and Periscope (“Consideration”)

Next Week: “Proven Negotiation Tips To Help You Close Deals” (until then you may enjoy my Slideshare “A Trial Lawyer’s Negotiation Secrets” (32k views!)

In Two Weeks: “5 Contracts Clauses Every Social Media Company Should Use in Their Contracts”


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