My Fav Take-A-Way From Our Chat With Gary Vaynerchuk

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill

Yesterday during our show with Gary Vaynerchuk, we talked about how all of our life experiences helped build a foundation for success. We shared examples of how what we learned, watched or experienced in the past helped up achieve success at some point in the future.

This is such an important concept that I want to dive into it in just a bit more detail. By the way, this was a popular episode with Jennifer Hoverstad, Gary Vaynerchuk and yours truly talking social media, VR, the NFL, Samsung phone battery fires, the presidential elections and so much more. It’s packed with value and you can watch this recorded episode of by clicking here (Gary arrives at about the 6:40 mark).


The Early Years

My early use of dial up modems, coding websites and eventually creating websites for my law firm in the late 1980s and early 1990s gave me the foundation and skills to easily incorporate tech into my business and relationship building efforts today. I was and still am a full time trial lawyer but I just enjoy the tech side of life and enjoyed doing all this stuff as a hobby.

Now here’s the kicker. Even though almost all of the code, tools, and platforms I spent hours learning how to use no longer exist, the lessons and skills I learned help me to this very day achieve success. From our discussion, I know Gary and Jennifer feel the same way about their experiences.

This success reality doesn’t simply revolve around tech, social media or the Internet. We can go back even farther in time and well before the Internet, to see how this concept works.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to obtain some very good jury trial verdicts for my clients. The skills, techniques, and buttons that I pushed during each trial to help get the wins had more to do with the people skills I learned and developed over the years as a waiter in college than what I learned in law school.

I believe talking with and eventually selecting the right 12 people to serve as jurors in all of my 66+ trials had more to do with the skills I developed engaging with and checking people in at the front desk of Caesars Tahoe Casino than what I learned in my law school evidence class. The techniques I use to help cope with emergency issues during a trial came from my experiences growing up on a guest ranch in Tucson and not what I was taught in my law school trial advocacy class.

Fast forward back to today’s tech including social media and live streaming. I can comfortably report that my ability to quickly engage on social media comes from what I learned decades ago and as mentioned above. In court, how I now give my opening statement to a jury is substantially different that how I went about things when I first started practicing law back in 1986.

Understanding the issues of time and attention, today I talk in 140 character soundbites (sort of) and do all that I can to deliver the type of message most of my young jurors are use to hearing on social media. It’s about keeping things familiar and sharing concepts and using metaphors that they understand, appreciate and sometimes even respect.

Your World Is A Classroom

We can all learn important lessons from everything we do. Everything we do is a foundation for progress and future success. As we chatted about on the show, it simply takes the right mindset to appreciate this approach to life’s journey.

Things don’t always work out, and opportunities and experiences come and go. The important thing to remember is that the experiences you have during the process are unique and powerful assets for future growth and skill. Embrace everything that happens to you, learn from your wins and losses, and always keep moving forward.

Without exception, every single successful person I’ve met in my 30+ years of business has a clear understanding of the power of what we talked about in this episode and what I’ve highlighted in this post. Now, you do too.

No matter what happens to you today, good or bad, remember to learn from the experience and add it to your life foundation. The journey to success in life is a marathon and not a sprint. Never stop learning, moving forward, and above all else, always remember to make each day your masterpiece.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill

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