Pete Salsich- IP Lawyer and Musician

Not only is Pete a talented musician, he also happens to be a gifted lawyer helping clients create and protect intellectual property, particularly in the media, technology and entertainment industries. Connect with Pete here. Stop by today, say hi, and help me encourage Pete to play a song or two 😉 Watch the recorded live … Continue reading “Pete Salsich- IP Lawyer and Musician”

How Lawyers Can Collect 90%+ Receivables Without Chasing Clients for Money!

Today’s guest is Dan Joffe, who’s showing lawyers his 3-Stages to Collecting 90%+ Receivables while keeping clients happy. Join us live at 1 pm ET on all the top platforms including Connect with Dan at #hackinglegal #law

Kerry O’Shea Gorgone: “Underestimation is Not Recommended.”

Great conversation! When it comes to Kerry, underestimation is not recommended 😉 Today’s conversation revolved around trust, branding, and how we  can all do things better in a COVID-19 world.  (video | podcast is on the way). #hackinglegal #hackingsocial