Not All Distracted Driving Cases End Up Like This

Lisa and I enjoyed a very special lunch today with Patricia, an amazing past client, friend, and human being. We finished up her case last month and have all looked forward to getting together outside the office, for lunch, and just relaxing. Patricia was severely injured by a distracted driver. Most people are not aware … Continue reading “Not All Distracted Driving Cases End Up Like This”

What a Distracted Driving Case Looks Like

[May 2018 Update: Case has been resolved to client’s full satisfaction] Our client is a victim of distracted and reckless driving. In only a second or two, her life was turned upside down after being struck by a distracted driver. It can happen to you too. She did nothing wrong and is an innocent victim. … Continue reading “What a Distracted Driving Case Looks Like”

Are You a Distracted Driving Addict?

I believe that whether people realize it or not, most are addicted to their smartphones and other mobile devices. Even if they wanted to, they don’t have the self-control to stop using these devices while driving. Understanding and acknowledging that there’s an addiction is the first, of several steps, in fixing this growing safety problem. … Continue reading “Are You a Distracted Driving Addict?”

Distracted Driving Survey Results

Do you consider distracted driving a public safety issue? What do you do when you see someone engaged in distracted driving? Last month I posted a survey about distracted driving. A cross-section of 46 people responded from social media, business, law and the police communities. The survey is ongoing but here are the preliminary results: … Continue reading “Distracted Driving Survey Results”