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I’m a Brand Ambassador and/or have a business relationships with several great products and services. Although consideration, in one form or another, may have been extended to my firm for sharing these amazing solutions, please know that I only recommend products and services that I believe in, trust, and personally use.

If you have a product or service and would like to talk to me about representing your brand, reach out here. Consumers, please see this disclaimer. Thank you!

December 2018 Update: My new book, “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Business Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs” debuted as a #1 “New Release” in two categories and, hit #1 as a “Best Seller.” Because I share the wisdom of 47 top social media, business and consulting experts (and friends) in 52 chapters, I’m proud to recommend that you get your copy today!



Ruby Receptionists

My law firm uses Ruby Receptionist and our incoming callers and clients love the personalized service. If you’re looking to connect with callers and grow your business no matter where you are or where you’re located, then all you need is Ruby and a cell phone (we use our office lines too). Ruby’s delightful receptionists paired with their robust call-handling software and mobile app turn incoming calls and your phone into a tool for attracting customers and creating raving fans. Click here to learn more and an immediate discount! Use promo code MITCHJACKS36 if you’re asked (seasonal specials and deals)

Agorapulse (Social Media Management Simplified)

Harness your social media content and engagement with the easiest and most affordable social media management tool for individuals, teams and agencies. AgoraPulse allows you to create single, scheduled or ongoing posts, check inbox and read reports. It also gives you an easy to understand overview of the use and engagement on your social media platforms. Click here.


WordRake is the first and only automated in-line editing software for professionals. This instant, intelligent and insightful service will make your writing better, smarter and faster.

Take 30 seconds and click here to watch this video today!


This artificial intelligence (AI) based service takes your blog posts, including audios and videos, and automatically creates dozens of clips and posts and schedules them to go out on social media. I’ve arranged for a free demo. Click here to learn more!


This live streaming service allows you to create and broadcast live video shows, to multiple platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope…), all at the same time. Learn more and start your new show here!


Create and send easy and fast video emails with BombBomb. This is one of my favorite ways to stand out from the crowd!


The all-in-one livestreaming production platform for Mac. Ecamm Live puts the power of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch video streaming at your fingertips. I use the “virtual camera” feature to use my green screen on Zoom, BombBomb and other live streaming platforms and shows. Click here to try free (no credit card required) for 14 days!


I’ve helped hundreds of companies during start-ups, formation and litigation. Without exception, every single company that became successful had a good lawyer or law firm helping company owners make the right business decisions. If you’re in California, then I’m here for you. But, if you’re in any of the other 49 states and, are looking for an inexpensive personal or business legal solution, I recommend LegalShield. Click here or watch the video for more information and details!

Scorpion Websites

Proven Results. Recognized Excellence.

Since being founded in 2001, Scorpion has become known throughout the industry for pushing boundaries and for making websites with technology that have never been seen before, and for achieving results other companies thought were impossible. That passion for innovation and dedication to its clients have resulted in its team earning countless recognitions throughout the years, for their designs, results, and the relationships they have built with their clients. From receiving the Google Customer Satisfaction Champion award to winning hundreds of website design awards, its team is proud of each and every honor. Click here for more information and solution options!


CaseText Legal Research

Casetext is the most advanced AI based legal research engine available to lawyers and law firms. It offers attorneys everything they need to get their research done fast and in a very inexpensive fashion.

All you need to do is drag and drop a complaint or brief into the cloud based system and you’re good to go. Add a few search terms and Casetext will find relevant cases, authorities and practice tips to help you understand context, relevant facts, legal issues and when all said and done, help you win your client’s case! Click here to learn more about this amazing “game changing” legal service. was established to allow professionals a platform to showcase their areas of Expertise. Since 1994, they have been providing millions of users worldwide with access to specialized knowledge. They believe their members should have control over monetizing their specialized knowledge and expertise. In this day in age of high technology, there is no need for a broker or middle man to mark up fees or market your expertise. Put your best foot forward and click here to learn more and to join me at (mention “mitch jackson” or “streaming lawyer” for a 15% discount)

TimeEtc Virtual Assistant (VA)

After two months of research, I’ve selected TimeEtc as my law firm, and my personal, virtual assistant. I’m joining Google, Skype, Facebook and the Marriott in trusting TimeEtc to help my firm with completing “everyday” tasks including administration, organization, writing, marketing, social media, researching, selling, and so much more.

You might find it interesting to know that the TimeEtc 10-step VA selection process was designed by Sir Richard Branson’s former Executive Assistant. It’s so tough that only a fraction of those who apply make it through (something like 1 out of every 500). If the awe-inspiring people and companies posted at the TimeEtc website trust the service, I believe you can too.

To learn more about TimeEtc or to try the service for free, I invite you to learn more or get started by clicking here!


Business cards, stationary and marketing materials.

You never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Moo helps you do this each and every time. Click here to learn more.

Video captions  automatically transcribed for your videos, allows for quick edits, then burns the captions onto your video saving you time.

Find out how I save time and increase engagement. Also double your minutes when you use this link to get a paid account 😉


Grow Faster with Nimble- The #1 Rated Social Sales & Marketing CRM

Get the key benefits of Enterprise CRM to grow your business without the cost and complexity. Nimble delivers Contact Management, Sales and Marketing automation, people and company business intelligence, social listening and engagement and mobile/browser apps. Click here.

Arkon Mounts

Arkon offers the largest assortment of professional-grade mounts, holders, tripods, and stands for tablets, phones, cameras, GPS, and live streaming. Click here to order your mount(s) and during checkout, use the code “legalminds” for a 20% discount.

Let America Know

Let America Know™ is a powerful e-marketing tool that connects lawyers and your clients with a compelling, customized e-newsletter called You Should Know. Let America Know is also a counter voice to the massive disinformation campaign aimed at our profession. As a trial lawyer, you owe it to yourself – and your future – to find out more. This is a service we highly recommend and have been using for years. You can learn more, and watch a three-minute online demo by clicking here.


Text enabling your existing landline number lets you get in a text messaging relationship with your customers. You no longer need to source a different number for texting—one number does it all. Click here!

Epidemic Sound

This is where I get my sound for my YouTube and social media videos. It’s a great resource!  Click here!

WordPress Hosting (WP Engine)

Get the best WordPress hosting for your site. WP Engine is a WordPress platform backed by a team of WordPress experts who are available 24/7 to make things easy for you. Click here for plans and more information.

StudioPress WordPress Themes

Get one or all of the best (cleanest and fastest code) WordPress themes. All the details are right here!

Nord VPN

NordVPN: online security for everyone: NordVPN strongly believe that the internet could be better than it is today: more open, private, and secure. That’s why its engineers, system administrators, and designers have spent the last 6 years developing a security and privacy tool to bring this vision closer to reality. Today, millions of NordVPN users around the world click the blue Quick Connect button whenever they need online protection. That’s a very private club that Mitch is part of and you can be too. Click here for more details!


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