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katie couric 2015Thank you for your interest in booking Mitch Jackson for your show. This tool will allow you to easily pick a time and date without the inconvenience of multiple back and forth emails, DMs or phone calls.

As you know, Mitch is a full time trial lawyer and his litigation and trial calendars are always full.  Having said that and excluding certain hearings and jury trials, many of his appointments can easily be re-scheduled or handled by other team members. To make scheduling your interview or show as simple as possible, we’ve intentionally omitted a majority of these types of events from his calendar (scheduling link below) giving you as many choices possible.

With the above in mind, click here to schedule your interview or show at a time and date that works best for you. We’ll do our best to coordinate things at this end to make the event happen. Once the time and date is confirmed, we’ll confirm by email within 24-48 hours.

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This will be fun and Mitch is looking forward to sharing massive value with your audience!

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