How To Use Metaphors To Communicate With IMPACT!

newsletter mitch jackson metaphor 600β€œThe best arguments dazzle with metaphor.” β€” Gerry Spence

Today’s edition of my weekly newsletter has received more engagement than any other my newsletters this year. Not only does it share a not so subtle public service announcement about the dangers of live streaming and driving, but it also shows you how to use metaphors to make an impact and move your audience. Click to watch the Periscope (video) version of my newsletter) =>

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Mitch Jackson- How To Use Metaphors

Defective and Broken Holiday Presents- How Warranties Can Help!

Most consumers are not aware of the rights they have under state express and implied warranty laws. If the gift you purchased is broken, defective or just doesn’t do what the sales clerk told you it would do, you may have the right to get a full refund.

What most consumers are not aware of is that when this happens, the time within which a consumer can assert his or her right for a full refund is often times much longer than what the retain outlet tells you it is. Keep in mind that the law in each state is different so check with a lawyer in your state in you need help.

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Express and Implied Warranties via the Streaming Lawyer

What’s Your Favorite #TBT Biz Tip?

I think “Throw Back Thursdays” are so much fun because we all get to see and share old pics, and memories, on social media.

Today on #Periscope I invited my audience to share their favorite #TBTBizTip (Throw Back Thursday Business Tip) with all of us on Twitter using #TBTBizTip. Later today I’m going to pick my favorite #TBTBizTip and send the lucky winner a $25 dollar Amazon Gift card.

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