My Focus Right Now

Mitch Jackson standing on a street in London

What I’m currently focusing on (when I’m not trying cases) as a lawyer, business owner, and investor:

-Synthetic media
-Blockchain technology
-NFT technology

Yes, when it comes to protecting people, my focus as a trial lawyer will always revolve around delivering passionate representation to those people and small business owners who have been harmed by the wrongdoing of others (catastrophic injury, wrongful death, and business litigation). At the same time, most of you know I’ve always been excited about the legal side of technology and our firm is consistently evolving by offering new services to help compliment these historical changes.

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Matters Season 2: Client-Centered in a Post-Covid World

The COVID pandemic has fundamentally and permanently transformed industries around the world—and the legal industry is no exception. In this episode of Matters, Jack Newton, CEO and Co-founder of Clio, and Nefra-Ann MacDonald, team leader of Affinity Partnerships at Clio, speak with organizational leaders, educators, and attorneys to hear how the practice of law has changed—and what attorneys need to do to keep pace.

I was honored to be a guest on the show (starts at the 22:29 mark), and really enjoyed listening to and learning from Jack, Nefra, and my co-guests  Charlene Theodore, Elise Buie, and Bill Henderson.

You can also listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher and YouTube.

Tech Tools To Help A Virtual or Hybrid Law Practice Thrive

Having a hybrid practice is the best way I know to deliver quality personalized service to our clients while also leveraging technology. What I mean by hybrid is that while we have a traditional physical practice, we also offer most of our services via the cloud.

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Why Lawyers are Amazing!

The rights and liberties our ancestors fought and died for (civil rights, due process, and equal protection) are now, for the most part, given less thought than who doesn’t get a rose and is sent home on “The Bachelorette.”

More people know the “Beverly Hills Housewives” cast member names than the names of their state and U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

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The “ABCs of NFTs for Creators, Buyers, Sellers, and Investors.”

Yesterday my law firm was contacted by the victim of an NFT scam. She lost $17,500. The purported original NFT artwork was a fraudulent duplicate of someone else’s original.

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Mitch Jackson’s New Private Consulting Service!

A personal message from Mitch

“I’ve been practicing law since 1986 and am more excited today about getting up in the morning and helping people than ever before. Most lawyers who have been practicing ten years, much less 35 years, don’t feel this way.

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Lawyers, Business Owners and Other Professionals- Ready to Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness?

Have you ever wanted to build your legal brand without coming across like a late-night lawyer television commercial?

Do you wish you could get more qualified new client referrals from lawyers not just from across town but from other lawyers around the world?

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New Monthly Live Videos in LegalMinds!

New Private Monthly Live Videos:

Mark your calendars! By popular demand, we’re rolling out a new private live video schedule. Twice a month on the first and third Wednesday (5 PM PDT | 8 PM ET), we’ll be going live to network and crowdsource solutions and ideas. The private Zoom link and password is now posted in the private app.

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