You’ll never stand out by doing what everybody else is doing. That’s OK if you’re interested in building a business and life around mediocracy.

But for those of you who want more– embrace who you are and what makes you different. Then, take MASSIVE daily action on this difference.

Don’t believe me, look around. Success leaves clues.

Social media allows you to do this faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. Start embracing and sharing who you are. Learn how in my LegalMinds mastermind.

How To Be The Jake and Logan Paul of Your Industry!

What Jake Paul and Logan Paul have done to turn the boxing world upside down on its head, you can do with your business or practice. I share a few ideas and show you how in my Wednesday morning email newsletter.

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I’m Doubling Down on Instagram Reels. Join Me!

I’m going to start creating and sharing more content on Instagram Reels. As such, I wanted to formally introduce myself over on this portion of the Instagram app.

When I’m working as a trial lawyer, I enjoy dropping gloves and taking on the bullies and wrongdoers in the world and helping others. Outside of the courtroom, I like helping people, and especially other lawyers, build their brands on social and digital. Staying on top of the power of tech and embracing ways to lower costs and create a better client experience is also something I’m passionate about.

I’ll be answering your questions and commenting on breaking news stories and trending topics here on Instagram Reels. Every now and then I’ll share a trial story or communication tip. DM me with questions or Reel suggestions. I’m here for you!

Between now and the next Reel (let’s connect here), enjoy the journey and make each day your masterpiece!