Find Out How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Save You Time, Money, Expand Your Engagement, and Help You Become a Social Media Rockstar!

Social media is a huge part of modern marketing and branding, and to some, a never-ending task. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can help with your social media marketing and branding and make sure that you are always connected to your audience with the right message and in the right way. In my Friday’s newsletter, I discuss how #AI can make you more efficient at creating and sharing social media content to better connect with your audience. I also share my favorite two AI tools. Click here to read.

How To Repurpose Social Media Content

I had the pleasure of chatting with social media content repurposing expert, Amy Woods, about how we can all repurpose social media content better. Here are a few of my favorite video clips from our conversation.

Enjoy these highlights and take-a-ways via the clips below or via my podcast (written transcript here)

What is Social Media Content Repurposing? (1/9)


7 Different Learning Styles re Content Repurposing (2/9)


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Let Jarvis AI Write for You: How to Save Time Creating Content

Do you struggle with writer’s block? Do you find it hard to create compelling content that will engage your audience and make them take a desired action? If so, I have some good news for you. 

There is an AI platform called Jarvis AI that can do all the heavy lifting for you! The best part about this system is that it only needs a little input from the user. A majority of the work is done by AI algorithms written by experts in conversion rate optimization.

In this short post, I go over some advantages that come with using Jarvis AI for content creation. Keep reading because you’ll learn how this AI software can create high quality written content for a wide variety of subjects which saves both time and money spent on creating original articles by hand. This also allows you to do what you do best and what brings revenue to your firm– practice law.

Advantages of Jarvis AI:

-Save Time Creating Content: No need to hire or outsource writers, it can be done all automatically with the press of a button. You’ll save time, money and your sanity.

-Create High Quality Written Content on A Wide Variety Of Subjects: This software also works great for SEO by providing you with content that is optimized for your topic, subject matter and area of practice.

-Focus On What Matters: High Quality Written Content is the most important aspect of your content strategy. Letting Jarvis AI take care of this for you frees up time to focus on other aspects like social media, email marketing and website development

-Save Money: This software helps save money by taking away writing costs that can be significant and allowing you to focus on income generating tasks like practicing law.

-Double Your Effectiveness: This software not only creates high quality content for your websites and blogs, but also allows you to create captivating emails that will get read. It does this by giving you the right words to use in order maximize response rates from those reading what you have written. I’m also going to try and use this software to help with my demand letters and briefs.

-Leverage AI: AI is changing the way we do business from a customer service standpoint by making it more personal and genuine. It’s also creating better content for websites and social media resulting in more engagement and leads.

Click here (my affiliate link) to learn more about why I’m using Jarvis AI. Make sure to take advantage of their free offer to test drive the platform.

By the way, this entire post was written with the help of Jarvis.

Enjoy your July 4th weekend!

Don’t Be The Donkey

Do you experience paralysis by analysis when it comes to creating and building your brand on social media? Are you letting artificial and self-imposed challenges get in the way of taking action and achieving long-term success?

Hey, you’re not alone. I let things slow me down all the time. It’s only natural, especially when doing something different and new.

Consider this story shared by 14th-century French philosopher Jean Buridan:

A donkey is standing halfway between a pile of hay and bucket of water. It looks to its left and right not able to decide which way to go. Eventually, it dies of hunger and thirst.

If the donkey could make a rational decision, it would drink the water and then eat the hay.

It’s obvious to us but not the donkey.

When it comes to learning social media, I see this type of indecision hindering people’s long-term success all the time. Do we step to the left or the right? Do we create an audio, video or written blog post?

Inaction often results in failure.

So what’s the answer? Think long-term. Enjoy the journey and take things one day at a time. Have some fun like I just did creating this video. In the end, make decisions and take action.

Social media is a long-term play. Unlike a sprint or marathon, it’s not a race and there’s no finish line. Instead, think of social media as you would a healthy eating or exercise plan. It’s an ongoing process that really doesn’t have an end.

So what’s the moral of the story? It’s simple.

When you find yourself not making decisions and standing still while trying to build out your social media brand, remember Buridan’s story and don’t allow yourself to be the donkey.

Million Dollar Entrepreneur Secrets (via Clubhouse)

The original audio conversation took place on Clubhouse and included the following. By the way, you can listen on your favorite podcast channel via these links.

1. What are the key mistakes people make?
2. What do million-dollar entrepreneurs do that others don’t?
3. Where do great ideas come from and what do we do with them?
4. What’s the framework for creating powerful and provocative content?
5. How do you create instant credibility on the web?
6. How do you become a game changer?
7. I’ve heard you say, “If you don’t take your site seriously, why should others?”
8. What is the Internet Strategic Profile and the marketing blueprint?
9. How to leverage social media effectively in our business?
10. “Creating global digital empires®” What is it?
11. What is the advice you would have given to your younger self?

Mitch Jackson, Esq.