The Secret To REALLY Connecting With Your Social Media Community in 2021

If you really want to connect with your community in 2021, create and share your personal stories and experiences– your hobbies, interests and passions, on #socialmedia. I dive a bit deeper on this topic in this 6 minute audio.

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Lots of New Live Video Interviews and Shows at Human.Social

Take a look this weekend (click here). There’s a lot of value in these shows to help you move forward in 2021. Enjoy!

Picture of past guests and shows on Mitch Jackson's Human.Social live video show and podcast

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Sam Madani, C0-Founder and CEO of BOMANI Cold Buzz

On this Instagram Live, Bomani Cold Buzz CEO, Sam Madani, shares his startup and entrepreneur experiences in a crazy upside down COVID-19 world. Enjoy!

Our conversation revolved around:

    1. The mindset of an entrepreneur;
    2. Building a team;
    3. Funding;
    4. Taking risks and adapting to the business environment (COVID-19).

Connect with Sam and Bomani on Instagram and visit the Bomani Cold Buzz website to shop and get favorite recipes!

Handling Holiday, COVID-19, and Working from Home Related Stress with Bryan Kramer and Mitch Jackson

Bryan Kramer and Mitch Jackson jumped on Instagram live to share specific tips to help everyone deal with holiday stress, working from home and moving forward in 2021.


Bryan’s Thoughts:

During the conversation, Bryan shared powerful tips to help you connect in 2021 in a more “human to human way” and the questions you need to ask yourself, and team, to get there. Literally things you can change and do in an afternoon (most people don’t know where to start).

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Mitch’s Thoughts:

Mitch suggested we all snap our fingers and IMMEDIATELY disrupt or shift our habits and patterns. He shared a few specifics. For example, instead of watching the news on television or, scrolling through social media first thing in the morning, get up early and watch the sunrise or go for a walk or run. Explore a new hobby, interest or passion (learn a new language, musical instrument or start a new business) with a little daily effort [hint- keep it fun and easy- don’t put too much pressure on yourself]. Little things like this, done daily, can result in huge long-term improvement and happiness. Mitch also just shared, “9 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays without Stress (especially if you’re working from home).”