Thursday Afternoon Beach Run and Chat

Topics included the Airbnb $42B public offering value; entrepreneur Tony Hsieh and entertainer Chadwick Boseman passing away without estate plans and discussing my new virtual estate planning department; my Top Secret Partner consulting service for new lawyers; yesterday’s StreamYard with Ross Brand and sharing AgoraPulse and LatelyAI; and why I’m doubling down using the strategies shared in my LegalMinds mastermind, like promoting the Clio Cloud portal, and being massively proactive in 2021 with building my brand and cloud-based virtual business services. And just in case you’re interested, today’s running playlist include Justin Timberlake and Linkin Park

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I’ll Be Joining Ross Brand During Wednesday’s Show. Join us!

I’m looking forward to sharing Wednesday’s live video with one of the best in the business. Thanks for the invite Ross!

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Instagram Live with Immigration Lawyer Carol Williams

Wednesday’s Instagram Live with immigration lawyer, Carol Williams, was amazing. She’s a former Adjudications Officer with the United States Citzenship and Immigration Services in Washington, DC, and now in private practice helping people with their immigration needs.

Learn more about Citizenship, Fiance Visas, and Business Visas by watching the show. Towards the end we even chatted about Melania Trump allegedly receiving an immigrant visa reserved for “individuals with extraordinary ability” in 2001.

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NFL players can be injured or have their career end with one hit. When this happens, what rights do they have? Are their contracts and wages covered and if so, for how long? How about short and long-term medical benefits?

If you’re playing for the Miami Dolphins and injured in a game against Rams in Los Angeles, can you bring a work comp claim in California or, are you required to bring your case in Florida?

Who decides your care and treatment? What if you disagree with the opinion of the work comp doctor? Can a team owner override a doctor’s recommendation or opinion?

What about brain injury (CTE) cases. Are these covered under existing NFL work comp plans?

A related question I’ll ask Bernard revolves around college athletes. Are they covered by work comp? If not, should they be?

On Monday’s show, Alabama work comp attorney, Bernard Nomberg, will be sharing answers to these questions, and answering all of your live questions live around this topic. Can’t make the live show but have a question? No problem, private message me and I’ll ask Bernard for you!

Join us live on November 30th at 11 am PST (2 pm ET) and bring your questions! The live video show is Human.Social and you can enjoy and share the show on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and right here at the blog.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Bernard Nomberg, connect with him on all the social platforms and right here at his firm.

See you at show time. Between now and then, make today your masterpiece!


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