Calendar: Schedule Time with Mitch Jackson

Please use the appropriate calendar link to schedule time with Mitch. This tool will allow you to easily book a time and date, at a substantially discounted rate, without the inconvenience of multiple back and forth emails, DMs or phone calls.

As you know, Mitch is a busy trial lawyer and his litigation, trial, consulting and speaking calendars are always full.  Having said that, and excluding certain hearings and jury trials, many of his appointments can easily be re-scheduled or handled by other team members. To make scheduling your block of time as simple as possible and, to do our best to create an exemplary experience, we’ve intentionally omitted a majority of the flexible events from Mitch’s calendar giving you as many choices possible.

With the above in mind, use the links below to select the time and date that works best for you. We’ll do our best to coordinate things at this end to make the event happen. Once the time and date is confirmed, we’ll confirm by email.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions, comments or needs.

Paid Consultations and Interviews are Provided at a 50% Discount Off Our Normal Rates

15 Minutes  ($100)

30 Minutes  ($200)

45 Minutes  ($300)

60 Minutes  ($400)

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