Martin Shervington on Google Plus

Martin is a well-respected Google+ expert. Martin has a Law and Business Studies, LLB (Joint Hons), PG Dip Organisational Psychology, and is a Master Practitioner NLP.

He has spent almost 20 years working as an executive coach, business consultant and marketing psychologist. Martin is based between the UK and the USA, and works quite a bit in Europe and South America.

Mobile Tech, Google Glass and Spreecast

google glassLast week I shared my thoughts about how important mobile platforms are when it comes to communicating online. This week I’m sharing the recorded video of our Friday morning Spreecast discussing many of the same issues.

During the Spreecast, people connected and shared their ideas via desktops, laptops and smartphones. In a year or two this entire Spreecast will simply require a smartphone or mobile wearable device like Google Glass. Pretty exciting when you think about it.

Here’s the Spreecast. Please share your comments below. By the way, we’ll be doing more of these so if you’d like to know when the next Spreecast will take place, follow me on Twitter. I share most events there!

How to use Newsjacking to expand your sphere of influence, build new relationships and market your practice

My presentation via live stream at “ROI2014 – The Premier Word-of-Mouth Marketing Conference for Trial Firms” in Sand Pearl Beach Resort in Clearwater, Florida

“How to use Newsjacking to expand your sphere of influence, build new relationships and market your practice!”

Although I focus my discussion to lawyers and law firms, this approach will work for almost any business.

(note- at the 7:48 minute mark, I share a short 4 minute video of David Meerman Scott discussing his book about Newsjacking and this topic in more detail. There is a video and audio overlap between my video and what is playing at the conference. Although I recommend you watch David’s video, if you’d like to skip ahead, simply click to the 11:55 minute mark).

If you’re interested, here are several examples of how we use newsjacking technique:

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