The Power of Social Media for Professional Services

My interview on the “Social Pros Podcast” hosted by the amazing Jay Baer and Adam Brown.

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When it comes to marketing, branding and sales, telling a good story is important. But you want to know what’s 10X more important?

It’s telling a powerful, emotional, and persuasive story, THAT EMPOWERS PEOPLE TO TAKE A DESIRED ACTION.

In this interview, I share how I’ve applied 3 decades of trial lawyer advocacy skills, on social media, to do just that. I believe you can do the same thing.

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Running, Mountain Lions, and FOMO

There was a mountain lion sighting yesterday here at Wood Canyon. I thought I’d grab my GoPro and take a run during lunch to see what all the excitement is about. Join me!

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THE LIABILITY OF SELFIES- A Lawyer’s Perspective

This week a Royal Caribbean passenger was observed dangerously standing on her balcony railing while posing for a selfie. She was booted from Allure of the Seas cruise ship at the next stop. Earlier this month, four members of the same family drowned at a dam in India after slipping into the water while trying to take a selfie.

According to a study in India’s Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, some 259 people worldwide have died while taking selfies from October 2011 to November 2017. I think the number is probably a lot higher, especially when you take distracted driving in to account.

As a lawyer who has a pretty good understanding of the law and, social media (have you read my book?), I want to share my thoughts on the risks of taking dangerous selfies and, who may be legally responsible when someone is injured or dies while taking a selfie. You may be surprised by some of the information I share.

Before we dive into the post, please known and understand that while I am a California lawyer, I’m not you’re lawyer. No legal advice is being given in this post or website. The laws are different in each state, so check with a good lawyer in your state if you have questions or legal needs. Now having gotten that out of the way, here are a few quick thoughts about selfies and selfie liability.

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BEING A “GO-GIVER” IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION- “Go-Giver” author, Bob Burg, Interviews Mitch Jackson

“He’s an award-winning California trial lawyer who approaches Social Media about the most perfect way I’ve ever seen — in a way that I can only describe as the very embodiment of The Go-Giver Way. And his results, both in revenue and friendships have been beyond notable.”Bob Burg (author of the Go-Giver series of books)

Mitch dives deep on these important concepts and more:

    • What are the four steps to success on social media?
    • You’re a content producer and artist. Give yourself permission to shine 24/7.
    • Being strategically transparent and showing your human side isn’t an option. It’s mandatory.

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