You’ll never stand out by doing what everybody else is doing. That’s OK if you’re interested in building a business and life around mediocracy.

But for those of you who want more– embrace who you are and what makes you different. Then, take MASSIVE daily action on this difference.

Don’t believe me, look around. Success leaves clues.

Social media allows you to do this faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. Start embracing and sharing who you are. Learn how in my LegalMinds mastermind.

The Current State of Social Audio

Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and Other Live Audio Platforms

Social Audio Explained

What is social audio?

Why is social audio so compelling and popular in 2021?

How can you tap into the power of social audio to market your business and build your brand?

What are the biggest mistakes people make?

And the most important question: WHAT CAN YOU DO, RIGHT NOW, TO LEVERAGE SOCIAL AUDIO?

On Wednesday, September 8th at 4 PM PT (7 PM ET), Mitch Jackson and Jennifer Quinn will answer these questions and show you how to embrace the power of social audio to make an impact and get your voice heard above all the noise.

They’re going live simultaneously on Clubhouse (social audio) and also via live video on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon Live and right here in the Streaming Lawyer blog. Get ready to take notes, ask questions in real-time, and learn how to tap into the power of social audio to grow your brand from local to global.

Listen and be part of the conversation via live audio (Clubhouse) or watch and chat in real-time via live video from any of the following links and platforms: Twitter (Mitch), Twitter (JennyQ), YouTube, LinkedIn (Mitch), LinkedIn (JennyQ), Facebook (LegalMinds Group), Facebook (Lawyers on Clubhouse Group), Facebook (Streaming Lawyer page), Facebook (JennyQ), Amazon Live (Mitch)

Reach out if you have any questions.

Jennifer and Mitch are looking forward to seeing you this Wednesday, September 8th, at 4 PM PT (7 PM ET)!

Not on Clubhouse? No worries, you can become part of the community here!

New Monthly Live Videos in LegalMinds!

New Private Monthly Live Videos:

Mark your calendars! By popular demand, we’re rolling out a new private live video schedule. Twice a month on the first and third Wednesday (5 PM PDT | 8 PM ET), we’ll be going live to network and crowdsource solutions and ideas. The private Zoom link and password is now posted in the private app.

New Public Monthly Live Video:

I’ll also be holding a new public monthly live video in the public Facebook group. It will be on the second Tuesday of each month (5 PM PDT | 8 PM ET) and broadcasted via Facebook Live in the public Facebook Group. The idea is to encourage networking and sharing of ideas. I’ll post topics and links ahead of time. I may also include a live Clubhouse audio in the public feed. I’m still working on some of these details so we’ll see what happens.

Premium members, make sure to mark your calendars for the first and third Wednesday (5 PM PDT | 8 PM ET) of each month with our first live video on September 15th.

Message me with comments or questions. Stay safe and make today your masterpiece!

How To Be The Jake and Logan Paul of Your Industry!

What Jake Paul and Logan Paul have done to turn the boxing world upside down on its head, you can do with your business or practice. I share a few ideas and show you how in my Wednesday morning email newsletter.

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