Meet ANTHONY SMALL today on the Human.Social live video show!

Meet ANTHONY SMALL today on the Human.Social live video show!

Anthony is the Executive Director of Music Preserves Foundation, the City of Dana Point Arts and Culture Commissioner, Dana Point Times columnist and a popular singer-songwriter and singer in the Small World band.

If you enjoy the arts, this is the place to be between at 2 pm PT (5 pm ET) today on all the top platforms. Share your questions via my text Community at 949-577-7456. Get all the links here

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Five Things Business Owners Need to Know About Finances, Investments and Retirement in 2021


I asked my long-time friend, David Lopez, to share a few tips with my community because frankly, this is one area where I see business owners drop the ball. Our conversation will focus on finances and is designed to help you make smart decisions with money management and financial planning. Why is this important? Because doing so allows you to minimize taxes, maximizes profits, and help you put more money aside for growth, your family, fun and retirement.

David is a skilled and experienced financial advisor. He’s going to share more than 25 years of expertise and we’re going to chat about five things you should focus on in 2021 to move forward towards obtaining financial security and in some cases, independence.

Here’s a bit more about David:

David S. Lopez graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1989 and became a Submarine Officer; he then qualified as a Nuclear Engineer Officer. He served for 7 years and was 3 times awarded the Navy Achievement Medal and also awarded the Navy Commendation Medal. In 1996 he was honorably discharged from the Navy and he began his career as a Financial Advisor.

How many Nuclear Submarine Engineer Officers have you met in your lifetime? Pretty cool right!

Between now and showtime, you can connect with David at South Orange County Financial Planning or call 949.542-3316

Super Bowl Champ and Award Winning Trial Lawyer Show You How To Be a HIGH PERFORMER!

Jimmy understands what it means to dream big. He is a former Super Bowl Champion and NFL veteran of 6 seasons. He played wide receiver for the 49ers, Patriots, Falcons, and Redskins before retiring in 2009.

Today’s he’s a personal development trainer, speaker, and coach dedicated to equipping individuals and companies with the tools to raise their performance, reach their goals, and create the best version of themselves!

During our show, Jimmy will share approaches, tips and ideas to help you be “Be A Pro” (the name of his company), and show you what it takes to be a high performer, how to come back from failure, and how to become and live your absolute best self every single day.

We’re going live (video) on all the major platforms between 1pm and 2pm ET and then rolling the conversation over to the new Clubhouse “audio only” platform for even more conversation and questions right after the live video at 2:15pm ET. You can watch and engage in the live video conversation on Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, Linkedin and Facebook. Feel free to start over on the Streaming Lawyer Facebook page and then join us over on Clubhouse for an audio chat and more Q&A here.

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TikTok, Intellectual Property (IP) and Entertainment/Fashion Lawyer Francesca M. Witzburg

Meet Francesca Witzburg, an IP attorney who is using TikTok to build her brand. During today’s live video show (2 pm ET), I’ll ask Francesca to share how she’s doing this, what she’s learned, and how you can also tap into social platforms like TikTok to add value to the consumer. Yes, we’ll also dive into common, but important, IP questions every business owner needs to know in 2021 and beyond. Watch on all the major social media platforms including above in the YouTube video or here on this Facebook Page.

More about Francesca: She advises clients in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, luxury, technology, and consumer product industries on all aspects of intellectual property and related transactional matters. Her practice includes trademark and brand protection, enforcement, strategy, and monetization.

Between now and showtime, you can connect with Francesca at her firm and on TikTok at

Meet Matt Barnett- “Papa Bear” of the video branding tool Bonjoro

I’m chatting with Matt Barnett, CEO of Bonjoro, an Australian based company that allows you to boost customer engagement with perfectly timed personal videos. Whatever the touchpoint, Bonjoros simple platform and powerful integrations make it easy to convert your customers with video.

Watch us live, meet Matt, and bring your questions. We go live at 3pm ET on all my major platforms.

Between now and then, connect with Matt at Bonjoro.

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New Podcast Episode: Kate Bradley Chernis- CEO and Co-Founder of


From idea to execution, Kate chats with Mitch about her entrepreneurial journey and how she helped create, a cloud-based service that automatically turns blogs, online articles, newsletters, videos and podcasts into dozens of amazing social media posts.

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