Social Media For Professionals! (Coming December 2018)

“Mitch is a master connector. He’s humanized his law practice with online content and through social networking. In fact he does such a great job that I’ve written about him in my books and discuss his ideas in my many speaking engagement’s around the world.”

David Meerman Scott, international bestselling author and speaker (“The New Rules of Marketing & PR” | 5th edition)
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Coming Soon. My new book, “Social Media for Professionals!”

In addition to sharing my personal approach to social media and digital, I’m also excited give you access to exactly how leading experts use specific platforms and tools to build their brands and dominate the digital platforms. You can take these proven up-to-date techniques and immediately put them to use to take your firm or practice to the next level.

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Contributing Author Information

The foreword will be written by David Meerman Scott and contributing authors/experts which include, in alphabetical order: Nicole Abboud, Mike Allton, Tyler Anderson, Jay Baer, Chad Barr, Mike Bires, David Bitton, Roberto Blake, Chris Brogan, Bob Burg, John Fisher, Ryan Foland, Carmine Gallo, Kim Garst, Dan Gingiss, Haben Girma, Anneke Godlewski, Cathy Hackl, Chris Hargreaves, Shama Hyder, Mitch Jackson, Bryan Kramer, Alex Khan, Chris Lema, Morris Lilienthal, Stephanie Liu, Anne Miller, Niklas Myhr, Nancy Myrland, Alex Pettitt, Wayne Pollock, Seth Price, Nick Rishwain, Mark Schaefer, Chris Strub, Jennifer Quinn, Sue Scheff, Ryan Steinolfson, Joey Vitale, Thomas Wallin, and Sue B. Zimmerman.

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