#COVID19 Liability Releases, Waivers, and Hold Harmless Agreements- What every business owner needs to know and do BEFORE opening back up for business

Local businesses will be slowly opening up around the country. Here are a few things owners may want to keep in mind to protect themselves from Coronavirus infection claims.

You’re Awesome!

A lot is going on right now. Businesses are shut down across the country, and most of us are “working from home” while trying to balance our personal and professional lives.

It’s not easy. Many don’t know what the future holds.

This isn’t my sign but I get it. Some of my clients are having big time challenges. It’s tough right now.

I would suggest that this is the time to double down on what you have control over. To be proactive in what you say and do.

What I’ve observed is that while some people are reacting to the news and allowing themselves to become paralyzed by the uncertain and unknown, others are taking this time to improve their product or service. They’re learning new skills and adding cloud-based services to their customer experience and distribution efforts.

Proactive business owners are doing what needs to be done to pivot and move forward. They’re putting in the time and effort to learn new skills and discover new opportunities.

It’s not easy moving forward. For some, it may seem impossible.

But here’s the thing, being proactive will always keep you moving towards change and improvement. Being reactive will only increase your stress and get in the way of your success.

I know it’s hard, but keep moving forward. Be proactive and make change happen. You got this. You’re awesome!