Instagram Live with Immigration Lawyer Carol Williams

Wednesday’s Instagram Live with immigration lawyer, Carol Williams, was amazing. She’s a former Adjudications Officer with the United States Citzenship and Immigration Services in Washington, DC, and now in private practice helping people with their immigration needs.

Learn more about Citizenship, Fiance Visas, and Business Visas by watching the show. Towards the end we even chatted about Melania Trump allegedly receiving an immigrant visa reserved for “individuals with extraordinary ability” in 2001.

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7 Massive Immigration Changes Under the Biden/Harris Administration

Immigration Lawyer, Joshua Goldstein, Answers Your Questions!

My live video guest is Joshua Goldstein, an immigration lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. Joshua is going to discuss with me, and answer your questions about, 7 massive immigration changes that he believes we are likely to see next year when President, Joe Biden, and Vice President, Kamala Harris, take office.

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