The “Streaming Lawyer” Joins Cops on Blab To Help Fight Internet Fraud and Crime

If you’re the victim of Internet fraud or crime, then watch this show. If you’d like to learn how to protect yourself from online crime and fraud, use the tips shared in this interview!

Also joining us were Joel Comm and Brian Fanzo

Stopping Internet Fraud and Crime

Seven Tools Lawyers Use for Background Checks (and you can too)

In today’s #Periscope, I shared seven paid and free tools you can use to do a background check on a person or business. We always use one or two of these tools before allowing a client to do business with an unknown third party and you should too.

Click here or on the image to watch today’s scope and learn more about these seven tools.


Today’s Four Minute Rant About Internet Fraud and Crime!

Earlier today I shared my thoughts on #Periscope about Internet fraud and crime. I also shared ideas about how to deal with these criminals (that’s exactly what they are folks!). The short 4 minute clip is below. The full Periscope can be viewed here.