Dr. Michelle Drouin, Sexual Consent Apps, and The LegalHour.live


LegalFling promotes itself as the first #blockchain based app to request and verify explicit consent before having sex.

Is this app a good idea? Will it work in the real world?

Relationship and technology expert, Dr. Michelle Drouin, joined lawyers Joey Vitale and Mitch Jackson, on a special edition of the LegalHour.live to discuss the psychological and legal ins and outs of the new LegalFling app and to answer your questions.

Click here or on the image above to watch Monday’s show on blockchain apps, consent, sex, and technology!

Dr. Michelle Drouin on TheShow.live!

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Dr Michelle Drouin is an internationally-recognized expert on technology and relationships, including online relationships, social media, and sexting.

Join us today on TheShow.live when my co-host, Jennifer Hoverstad, and I chat with Dr. Drouin about these issues and more:

    • Finding and maintaining love online (i.e., love in modern times)
    • Infidelity and social media
    • Internet and cell phone addiction/nomophobia
    • Sexting– good for a relationship?
    • Technoference or phubbing (i.e., ignoring partners for one’s phone)
    • Millennials are having less sex– why?
    • Deception online– Does anyone really tell the truth? Even on social media?

Because Dr. Drouin has been cited in a number of prominent news sources including CNN, PR, MSNBC, CBS News, The New York Times, Huffington Post, Reuters, Men’s Health, Parenting Magazine, and Psychology Today, we’re interesting in learning more about what she has to say on these topics. Join us live at 11 am PT (2 pm ET) or watch the recorded show. Click here to RSVP and watch!

Dr. Michelle Drouin Chats Chats With Mitch About Distracted Driving, Cyber-Bullying and More


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I’m honored to have been interviewed by Dr. Michelle Drouin and have the chance to help educate and raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, cyber-bullying, revenge porn and sextortion. Michelle is a developmental psychologist (B.A. Cornell University, D.Phil. University of Oxford), professor, and internationally-recognized speaker on technology and relationships, including online relationships, social media, and sexting. She’s one very impressive human being and our community is extremely fortunate to have her “all in” when it comes to the StopDD.Today message. Please click here to listen and share our interview (podcast) with your audience.

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