How To Create The Ultimate Remote aka “Work From Home” Office

I originally wrote this post on October 30, 2018, long before COVID-19 changed EVERYTHING. I’m sharing again because it may give you a few new ideas to mix things up a bit if you’re like us and still working from home.


This is the view from my mobile office. In an hour, I’ll take a break, hop on the paddle board for 45 minutes, and when done, circle back to get a bit more work done. Lisa’s going to join me later today to watch the sunset.

I’m convinced I could (almost) run my practice full time using this approach. Here’s a short video of the firm if you haven’t stopped by to say hi.

For now, I’m simply enjoying a few hours each week outside in my mobile office environment. I’m hoping that over time, being physically in a traditional office will be the exception and not the norm.

The reality is that most of the time I’m either in court attending hearings or trying cases. When I’m not there, I’m at my law firm meeting clients, taking depositions, and working on files. The firm is located in a traditional professional office building and probably looks very similar to how you’d imagine a law firm to look.

On select days–days when I don’t have to physically be at the firm and, where I can work from the harbor, beach, or someplace else outside, this is how I get things done. You can do the same thing. It’s all a matter of planning, mindset and a result of giving ourselves permission to do things another way.

In this post, I share the tools I use to run my mobile office. Full disclosure, while I am a Brand Ambassador for some of the services mentioned below, I wouldn’t recommend any of these services if I didn’t believe in them. That’s just not how I roll.

And one more thing. If YOU are already doing something similar or, eventually set up a mobile office after reading this post, please share a picture or video on social media and tag me. I’d enjoy seeing and sharing what you’re doing with my friends.

Now, let’s get started…

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