Do This ONE THING Every Time You Negotiate!

After 34 years of practicing law and 40 years of being an entrepreneur, I want to share what I’ve learned, with you, to help make your business and life journey easier.

In this video, I share my FAVORITE and most powerful negotiation tip. Do this one thing and you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else in the room (or on Zoom) 😉

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Mitch Jackson


How to Communicate, Persuade, & Close like an Experienced Trial Lawyer

It was fun being on Bella Vasta’s podcast. She did a great job of getting me to share some of my best communication and negotiation tips to help her audience close more deals. Now, you can listen too. Enjoy and please share if you believe this episode adds value!

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In addition to Bella’s new podcast episode, I also dropped a new YouTube video on the same topic. You can watch it here 😉


Contract Law for Social Media Companies

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All week long I’ll be sharing contract law tips (offer, acceptance and consideration) via live video, to help social media companies and influencers. Check for show times, platforms (Periscope, Facebook Live, Huzza and more) and updates here and on Twitter (@MitchJackson)

July 5 (Tuesday) 1 pm ET:  Facebook Live and Periscope (“Offers and Counter Offers”)

July 6 (Wednesday) 2 pm ET:  Facebook Live and Periscope (“Acceptance”)

July 7 (Thursday) 2 pm ET:  Facebook Live and Periscope (“Consideration”)

Next Week: “Proven Negotiation Tips To Help You Close Deals” (until then you may enjoy my Slideshare “A Trial Lawyer’s Negotiation Secrets” (32k views!)

In Two Weeks: “5 Contracts Clauses Every Social Media Company Should Use in Their Contracts”