When An Experts Tells You To Jump, Your Response Should Be…

Mitch Jackson Streaming Lawyer Expert Opinions Yesterday Lisa and I played hooky from the law firm and caught the late afternoon showing of “The Big Short”. The movie is about the 2008 financial crisis through the eyes and stories of four unorthodox investors regarding the fraudulent mortgage-lending practices of large Wall Street banks.

I left the movie with a renewed appreciation of something my dad taught me long ago. That is, when an expert tells you to jump, don’t ask “how high?” Instead respond with the question “why?” and then always do your own due diligence.

During this morning’s Periscope, I share my thoughts about listening to and interacting with experts, influencers and even lawyers…
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A Day In The Life Of The Streaming Lawyer :-)

Today I used #Snapchat to pull back the curtain and share my entire day, as a lawyer, with you. If you’re on Snapchat then you can view my story via CA_Lawyer.

Just so we’re clear, my day started early this morning (5:45 am) and so if you think I look a little drained towards the end please cut me some slack!

Football Head Injuries and Concussions (Discussion on Periscope)

Football Head Injury Questions and Issues

Today on #Periscope we’ll be talking about football, head injuries (concussions, CTE…) and young players.

Join me at 10am PST (1pm ET) to share your thoughts! Until then, I’d also like to invite you to read this morning’s related blog post, watch the videos and share your thoughts in the comments.

Click here or on the picture to watch the recorded show!

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What’s Your Favorite #TBT Biz Tip?

I think “Throw Back Thursdays” are so much fun because we all get to see and share old pics, and memories, on social media.

Today on #Periscope I invited my audience to share their favorite #TBTBizTip (Throw Back Thursday Business Tip) with all of us on Twitter using #TBTBizTip. Later today I’m going to pick my favorite #TBTBizTip and send the lucky winner a $25 dollar Amazon Gift card.

There are several rules and requirements so check out this morning’s periscope for all the details. Now, have fun and share your favorite #TBTBizTip on Twitter including my name @MitchJackson and hashtag #TBTBizTip 🙂

Racing Extinction

Last night my son and I watched the new documentary, Racing Extinction.

This morning I wasn’t able to get any work done until I got this off my chest.

It bothers me that over the next 100 years we could lose 50% of all species on Earth. What also deeply affected me was learning that each day, 250,000 sharks are killed for their fins and to make shark fin soup. That’s almost 100,000,000 sharks killed each year!

Don’t even get me started on the Manta Rays, pollution and wasted resources.

Please do me a favor and watch the movie and visit the website. Connect with me if you’d like to get involved. Share all of the site’s pictures, videos and resources on social. Use #RacingExtinction #StartWith1Thing and follow @RacingXtinction on Twitter.

Here are my Sunday morning thoughts and comments on Periscope via Katch 🙂