Social Media Thoughts and Predictions (including mine) for 2016!

It was a pleasure to be asked by social media expert, Carlos Gil, to join these amazing experts and share several thoughts and predictions for his new article “Social Media Marketing: 50+ Predictions for 2016”. If you’re interested in staying on top of social media and livestreaming in 2016, then read the article and connect with these experts. Enjoy!

Carlos Gil and Mitch Jackson

Mitch Listed in “Folks to Watch in 2016”

This Streaming Lawyer is going to do his very best to keep Chris Lema and his amazing audience satisfied with great content in 2016! Hey Chris, thanks for including my on your 2016 list!

Hint- make sure to connect with Chris in 2016 🙂

chris lema folks to watch

A Very Kind Recommendation From Ross Brand of LiveStream Universe

ross brandThis was unexpected but so very much appreciated…

“Whether hosting on Periscope or as a guest on Blab, Mitch Jackson offers actionable business advice to viewers and welcomes their questions about social media, marketing and legal issues. In addition to being a credible business person with measurable accomplishments outside of the social media sphere (California Trial Attorney of the Year in 2013), Mitch is an effective communicator on-camera who delivers value in a direct, personable and jargon – free manner.
He has a strong handle on new developments in live-streaming, including how businesses can leverage social technologies. Mitch is also a supportive member of the live-streaming community who promotes other live-streamers, frequently calls-in & guests on Blabs and asks great questions as a viewer from the Blab chat box.”

–Ross Brand of via


Top 12 To Follow On Periscope

Top 12 Periscope List

It was fun rolling out of bed this morning to see my name included on the list. Very cool!

I’m a big fan of mobile live streaming and believe it will change and make the world a better place. If you’re already on Periscope then follow these amazing people (list below). If you haven’t yet downloaded and kicked the Periscope tires, give it a try. Also make sure to let me know and I’ll follow you. Also reach out with any questions or checkout this free email live streaming “how to” course.

And while I have your attention, make sure to join the Facebook Scope Pass Sunday group and also connect with these 3 super stars on social and Periscope 🙂 Vincenzo M Landino,​ Amy M Schmittauer​, and Sue B. Zimmerman​.

If you’re interested in learning more about Periscope, join all of us in San Francisco in January at the Periscope Summit San Francisco. I’ll be speaking on Friday and details can be found here.


Per Vincenzo M Landino:


Mitch Jackson@mitchjackson (Authentic lawyer and overall good guy)

Geoff Golberg@geoffgolberg (His NYC scopes are awesome!)

Brian Fanzo@isocialfanz (Knowledgeable and cutting edge)

John Kapos@chocolatejohnny (a real LEGEND)

Mitch Oates@mitch_oates (check out the SHARK SCOPE!)

Eric S Neitzel@EricNeitzel (Travel and photography, love this guy)

Chalene Johnson@chalenejohnson (Happy life, smarter biz)

Bonnie Frank@bonnielfrank (Built her biz ON Periscope!)

Kim Garst@kimgarst (Super smart about Facebook marketing)

Sue B. Zimmerman@suebzimmerman (A #ShitTon of fun!)

Amy M Schmittauer@schmittastic (Sexy, Savvy and Social)

Jennifer Quinn@jennyq (The sweetest most helpful people out there)

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Mitch Jackson Periscope

I just finished Periscoping about David Meerman Scott’s “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” (updated 5th Edition) and gave away two copies to my audience (congrats to @trimaicangodiz and @fitfabfive5). That was fun!

Click here to watch on #Katch 🙂

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