5 Ways To Start Your Next Speech (or live stream)

It’s critically important to appreciate the fact that when you walk onto the stage or hit the “go live” button on Periscope or Blab, you NEED to grab the attention of your audience before doing anything else. Here are 5 good ways that work well for me.


On Periscope and via Snapchat


Ask Me Your Legal Questions on Snapchat!

For a limited time, I’ll be doing my best to answer your legal questions on Snapchat (I’m CA_Lawyer).

Please keep in mind that although I am a licensed California lawyer, I’m not your lawyer. No legal advice is given (but I will try to help get you going in the right direction).

Snapchat for Business? My Blab with Carlos Gill and Saba Sedighi

Snapchat for Business

Thursday evening I was a guest on the Social 545 Show. Hosts Saba Sedighi and Carlos Gill peppered me with outstanding questions about how we can all use Snapchat for business. What I thought was really powerful about last night’s Blab was the “roundtable” aspect of our discussion resulting in all of us sharing approaches and ideas about how and why we’re each using #Snapchat in business. If you’re already using Snapchat or interested in getting started, you’re going to enjoy the show!

We also chatted about the topic of success in business and frankly, discussed some things many entrepreneurs don’t like to talk about when it comes to hard work and success. If you want to avoid making the same mistakes, take a look and make the suggested changes.

Mitch Jackson on SnapchatClick here to watch the show and please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments. And by the way, if you want to connect with any of us on Snapchat, my handle is CA_Lawyer, Saba is SabaSedighi and Carlos is TheCarlosGil  🙂

Just Out! Click here for the Social 545 Show Podcast of our interview…

Why I Like Snapchat?

Mitch Jackson on SnapchatMy answer is easy. It’s an outstanding platform that allows all of us to easily and quickly share our stories.

As with most of the social platforms, I look at Snapchat as another digital welcome mat to my law firm, services and even my life. And apparently I’m not alone. Check out these recent Snapchat statistics and then join me on the platform (I’m CA_Lawyer).


  • 100 million daily users;
  • 400 million Snapchats per day;
  • 6 billion daily video views;
  • 1 billion Snapchat Stories viewed each day;
  • Used by 18% of all social media users with 30% of U.S. Millennials accessing the platform regularly;
  • 8,796 photos shared each second;
  • 77% of all college students use Snapchat daily;
  • When it comes to selfies: 50% of all male college students and 77% of all female use the platform.
  • All of these people, and their friends are my potential clients.

That’s why I use Snapchat.


Click here to view one of my recent Snapchats

Click here for a good overview via Tyler J. Anderson of Casual Fridays and Carlos Gil

How To Make Your Point In 5 Steps

I’ve been using these 5 steps to negotiate complicated cases and win large six and 7 figure mediations, arbitrations and trials for my clients for three decades. I’m pretty sure these 5 steps will work for you too!

snapchat mitch jacksonThis post was originally shared as a “Story” on Snapchat (I’m CA_Lawyer) so if you’re not already following me on #Snapchat, download the app (iPhone download | Android download) and let’s connect 🙂