People Helping People on Live Stream

Help others by sharing your unique experience, expertise and tips with your digital community. Why do I say this? Because the chances are high that something you know and take for granted might turn out to be a valuable tip others haven’t given much thought to. By sharing your specialized knowledge, the community gets better and grows stronger.

Earlier this week I shared “Biz Owners- Use These 8 Words To Start Your Next Live Stream” on Periscope (video link here). Today I was honored and pleasantly surprised to learn that my friend and Instagram Expert, Sue B. Zimmerman, shared my post with her amazing audience (click here). Because Sue took the time to share, thousands of very smart people, beyond my immediate sphere of influence, can benefit from this simple legal tip. That’s the power of social. That’s what makes the digital platforms, especially live streaming social media, so awesome!

My challenge to you? Share something unique and special with your audience today. Send me the link when you do so I can share. You’ll be glad you did!

Click here to watch or on the image of Sue below 🙂

sue b zimmerman streaming lawyer

Did you miss my interview with Sue earlier this year? You can watch here…

Very Kind Words From Social Media Experts Tyler Anderson and Sue B. Zimmerman

Yesterday, Sue B. Zimmerman (The Instagram Expert) was on Tyler Anderson’s Casual Friday’s social media podcast which experts rate as one of the top 10 social media podcasts on the planet. I was honored to be on Tyler’s show last week (link here).

During the show, Tyler concurrently live Blabbed (real-time live video) his interview with Sue and many of us stopped by to watch. To my surprise, Tyler and Sue shared some very kind comments about how my firm is using social media to build relationships and show our “human side” on social. I have to tell you, these two very special people put a BIG smile on my face and I’m so glad our paths have crossed on the digital platforms. Without social media, we probably would have ever met and that would have been my loss.

Below is the portion of the show I’m referencing. And here’s a direct link to the entire interview Tyler did with Sue. You can connect with Sue B. Zimmerman on Instagram and also here at her awesome website and blog!

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