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David Meerman Scott wrote the foreword!

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David Meerman Scott reviews Mitch Jackson’s book

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Bruce reviews Mitch Jackson’s book

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Gary Vaynerchuk tweets Mitch Jackson’s book
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Mark Schaefer reviewing Mitch’s book
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Garrett Jackson wanted to open a present early on Christmas Eve. This is what he got 😉 #DadLife
Professor Niklas Myhr reviews Mitch’s book
Brad Friedman reviews Mitch’s book
Christopher Levinson shares Mitch’s book
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Morris Lilienthal his chapter in Mitch Jackson’s book
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Mike Bires #NoExcuses


Podcasts with the Authors About Their Chapters

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Stephanie Liu podcast with Mitch Jackson about his new book

The Audible Version is Coming in February!

The Audible version of Mitch Jackson’s book drops in February 2019

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By the way, I hate spam as much as you do. This list will not be used other than to update you when the Audible version of the book is available. On a side note, I just heard a private sample of the Foreword by David Meerman Scott and, Chapter One. They are Fantastic! We have voice expert Rich Miller handling the reading and production and he’s one of the best of the best! #excited

Reviews on Amazon

“This guide is full of valuable information that will help anyone who wants to improve their social media and marketing skills. I feel honored that Mitch Jackson included my chapter on disability inclusion in his book. The book is an amazing collection of thoughtful insights. I’ve been using social media for many years and I still learned a great deal from reading this. Thank you for creating this book, Mitch!”

Haben Girma

“The “Ultimate Guide to Social Media” is action packed with practical and proven advice for anyone using social to advance their careers and drive press (and clients) for their businesses. Mitch incorporates experts from around the globe to deliver a well-researched and insightful exploration of the latest social media principles and techniques to push you to be your best – or as Mitch Jackson reminds us, to create our own ‘masterpiece.’ What sets this book apart from the many others on the market, is the fact it’s completely relatable to whoever you are. From the person starting their business, to the professional that has had their career for 20 years (or more) and trying to break-through on social – Mitch talks to you in a way we all can understand – humanizing social media, understanding it’s more than a click – we are real people behind the screen and this author recognizes that. The knowledge in this book is simply priceless. Even as social media changes, the wisdom that Mitch Jackson offers is timeless. He is the wizard of social media.”

Sue Scheff

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The foreword is written by David Meerman Scott and contributing authors/experts are in alphabetical order: Nicole Abboud, Mike Allton, Tyler Anderson, Jay Baer, Chad Barr, Anna Bennett, Mike Bires, David Bitton, Roberto Blake, Chris Brogan, Bob Burg, Jon Ferarra, John Fisher, Ryan Foland, Carmine Gallo, Kim Garst, Dan Gingiss, Haben Girma, Anneke Godlewski, Cathy Hackl, Chris Hargreaves, Shama Hyder, Mitch Jackson, Bryan Kramer, Chris Lema, Morris Lilienthal, Stephanie Liu, Anne Miller, Niklas Myhr, Nancy Myrland, Dakota Shane Nunley, Alex Pettitt, Wayne Pollock, Seth Price, Azriel Ratz, Nick Rishwain, Amanda Robinson, Mark Schaefer, Madalyn Sklar, Chris Strub, Jennifer Quinn, Sue Scheff, Ryan Steinolfson, Joey Vitale, Thomas Wallin, and Sue B. Zimmerman.

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