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Mitch Jackson Streaming LawyerPlease use the form below for interview and speaking needs. Thank you!

Jon Mitchell “Mitch” Jackson, is a veteran in law and business with 30 years of jury trials, business presentations, and speaking experience. Mitch first started to achieve success well before and then during the development of the Internet as we know it. Beginning with his first website back in 1996, Mitch has used the internet and specifically, social media platforms, to expand his sphere of influence on a global level.

Mitch believes that developing a new mindset and disrupting industries are mandatory to ongoing success. Because of the exponential speed of change that exists today, understanding and appreciating this new dynamic has never been more important. The pace and need for change are several reasons why Mitch wrote, “How To Become an Overnight Success in Business and Life!”

Mitch Jackson SpeakingMassive change is a good thing and Mitch enjoys sharing his unique spin about how you can effectively use the digital platforms to initiate change, disrupt your industry to help others, and gain a massive long-term advantage over your competition. He believes that in today’s fast changing digital world, if you’re going about things like everyone else then you’re probably doing things all wrong. By using real-world examples, lively back and forth conversation and an active Q&A, your audience will receive massive value and your next event will be a huge success!

Mitch Jackson SpeakingPersonalization
Every presentation is customized to compliment your unique needs and goals. Once Mitch is introduced and takes the stage, you can sit down, relax and enjoy the show.

Want to book Mitch for your next event? Interested in getting more information? Then let’s connect and make something special happen!



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